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Why Is It Important To Brush Your Tongue?

Posted on 7/23/2020 by Dr. Chapko
Why Is It Important To Brush Your Tongue?Since your mouth is dark, warm, and moist, it creates the perfect breeding area for bacteria. These bacteria grow and reproduce feeding off the food particles that were left in your mouth after a meal or a snack. One of the main places bacteria loves hiding is on the tongue. Since most people feel a gag reflex when they start brushing their teeth, they aren't particularly keen on that area. However, people must brush their tongue regularly. Here's why.

Eliminates Odor Causing Build-Up

Since most people brush their teeth after meals, they avoid cleaning the tongue too well, if at all because they are afraid they'll throw up. This gives the tongue a great environment for bacteria to thrive in. When left for extended periods, the germs accumulate and bring about halitosis, the technical term for bad breath, which can cause a lot of embarrassment.

Reduce the Chance of Catching Periodontal Disease

The buildup of bacteria on the tongue can cause inflammation in the mouth and then periodontal disease further down the line. When it reaches this stage, it often requires referral to specialists and will also cost a pretty penny to fix.

Avoid an Oral Thrush

When you have excessive amounts of bacteria living on your tongue for some time, it can cause white patches to appear on the tongue. These are signs of overgrown yeast in your system, which is not a good thing. Although it can be fixed with a dose of antifungal mediation, regularly brushing your tongue and teeth will help keep the oral thrush from getting to you in the first place.

Brushing the tongue is just as important as brushing the teeth. With a clean tongue, you can be sure that you will have good breath, and your taste buds will also stay in top condition. Although brushing the tongue requires a bit more finesse while doing it, it should never be ignored.
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