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What to Eat After a Root Canal Treatment?

Posted on 1/11/2021 by Dr. Joshi
What to Eat After a Root Canal Treatment?A root canal treatment is one of the most effective and safest ways to restore the function and shape of your teeth. However, once your root canal treatment is completed, you will need to eat certain food to avoid putting too much pressure on your weakened tooth that has not yet been protected by a crown.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal treatment is recommended when the bacteria has invaded the pulp chamber of the tooth and infect the soft tissue. This results in severe pain, swelling of the gums, tooth abcess, pus, a bad taste in mouth, and tooth discoloration.

To treat the infection, Dr. Joshi and will first make a small opening in your tooth and clean out the dead pulp and bacteria. They will then seal the chamber to prevent reinfection. Later, the vulnerable tooth will be protected by a dental crown;

What to Eat After a Root Canal Treatment?

It can take about two weeks for the permanent crown to be made. During this time, it is important not to eat food that can damage the tooth or that can irritate the sensitive areas in your mouth.

Once your anesthesia has completely worn off, you can eat soft food like:
•  Warm vegetable broth
•  Steamed vegetable or pureed vegetable
•  Oatmeal with milk or bread with milk
•  Meatloaf
•  Scrambled eggs
•  Mashed avocados and bananas
•  Pasta
•  Tofu

However, you only need to eat this food until your post-operative irritation has abated. After that you can eat other food as well, but avoid certain foods.

Food to Avoid After a Root Canal

Do not eat very hard or very sticky food after a root canal surgery as it can crack or pull out your temporary crown or filling. Even if the main nerve in the tooth has been removed, there are several small nerves in the ligaments and other structure surrounding the tooth, which may be sensitive to hard food a few days after the surgery.

Some types of food that you should avoid includes:

•  Stickytaffee or chewing gums
•  Caramel popcorns
•  Ice cubes
•  Very hot or cold food

It is normal to experience some sensitivity after a root canal operation; however, by taking care of what you eat in the days following the surgery, you can minimize the risk of problems. If you need more information or require aroot canal treatment, call us at (630) 394-9787 today.

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