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Bone Grafting Schaumburg, IL

Your teeth are an important feature of your mouth. They are essential for biting, chewing, speaking, and providing you with a beautiful, confident smile. When you lose your teeth, all of these functions are affected. You may even lose your confidence. Tooth loss also affects the health of your jaw. The roots of your teeth stimulate your jaw when you chew, which signals the body to send nutrients. When you lose your teeth, this stimulation diminishes. As a result, fewer nutrients are sent. Your jaw begins to grow weak. Not only that, but your jaw begins to change shape, as does your face. Dental implants are a popular option for replacing missing teeth that help to stop the bone loss that follows tooth loss. However, you first need to have enough healthy bone mass in your jaw to support the implants. At ImplantWide, we can help to restore missing bone mass with bone grafting.

Bone Grafts

When you lose your teeth, you begin to lose bone mass in your jaw. If you want to be considered a candidate for dental implants to replace your missing teeth, you need to have enough bone mass to support them. Without it, the risk of implant failure increases. A bone graft is a surgical procedure that is performed to replace missing bone mass, restoring the strength to your jaw. We use a bone graft material to fill in the space. As you heal from surgery, your natural bone fuses too, or around, the graft material. Fully healed, your jaw is more able to support dental implants.

Types of Bone Grafts

There are several types of bone grafts. The type of graft we use for you will depend upon your unique situation. Before undergoing surgery, we conduct an initial consultation. During this time, we examine your mouth and take X-rays. We will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each type of graft and determine which type will provide you with the best outcome.

•  Autogenous bone grafts. An autogenous bone graft is one that uses your bone to fill in the void in your jaw. Because it is your bone, there is no risk of rejection or disease transmission. The bone used is also living, which means that it can stimulate new growth. The major drawback to this type of graft is that it requires two surgical sites.
•  Allogenic bone grafts. An allogenic bone graft is one that uses bone mass from a donor. Because the bone comes from elsewhere, only one surgical site is needed. There is a risk of rejection, but we take measures to ensure compatibility. The bone material is also not living, so it simply fills a space.
•  Xenogenic bone grafts. A xenogenic bone graft is one that uses bone material from another species. The bone is processed at extremely high temperatures to reduce the risk of rejection or infections. Like allogenic bone grafts, the material is not living, so it can only fill a space.
•  Synthetic bone grafting materials. There are several synthetic materials that may be used as well. These include such things as demineralized bone matrix (DBM) or bone morphogenic proteins.

Bone Grafting Procedure

A bone graft is a surgical procedure. Before we begin, we administer a local anesthetic. If necessary, sedation may be used as well, which can help you to relax and remain comfortable during the procedure. We start by making incisions on the surgical site. In the event of an autogenous graft, we also make incisions at the donor site. We take the bone graft material and pack it into the areas of weakness. The gums are then sutured closed. Healing can take several months. Once you have fully healed, we can then begin the procedure for dental implants.

A bone graft restores missing bone mass in your jaw, restoring its shape, strength, and integrity. In doing so, it enables you to receive, and enjoy the many benefits of, dental implants. For more information, or to find out if bone grafting is the right option for you, call ImplantWide today at (630) 394-9787.
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