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Crown Lengthening
Schaumburg, IL

Crown lengthening surgery is prescribed when a tooth is decayed or chipped below the gum level, making it difficult for the dentist to fix and for the patient to keep the site clean or, when too little tooth structure remains above the gums to place a solid restoration.

Soft Tissue Crown Lengthening

If the damage occurs above the bone level, the dentist may simply need to reposition the soft tissue, without re-contouring the underlying bone. Care will be taken to preserve a wide band of the pink, spongy “keratinized” tissue around the tooth, through which blood vessels are typically not visible. The goal is to completely expose the boundaries of the chip so the dentist can see to repair it properly, and the patient can keep it clean.

It’s fairly common to have asymmetry in the scalloping of the gingiva around the teeth. This can detract significantly from the overall appearance of the smile. If the problem is due to excess gum tissue over the enamel, recontouring the soft tissues can yield excellent results.

First, a periodontal measuring probe is used to determine where the true edge of the tooth’s enamel is relative to the underlying bone. If the bone level is at least 3 millimeters from the edge of the enamel, soft tissue crown lengthening may be performed without recontouring the bone. A surgical plan is developed, and the gums are reshaped using either laser or traditional surgical instrumentation.

Given the simple nature of the procedure, the cosmetic results can be truly amazing.

Hard Tissue Crown Lengthening

Hard tissue crown lengthening is performed when a tooth chips at or beneath the bone level. An incision is made along the affected tooth, and a flap is raised to expose the underlying tooth and bone. Specialized dental instruments are used to re-contour the tooth supporting bone to a level that is 2 to 3 millimeters below that of the fracture. Often, the tooth will be restored with a temporary filling at the time of crown lengthening. Then the gums are repositioned over the recontoured bone, such that the margins of the repaired tooth are now accessible for oral hygiene and a subsequent permanent dental restoration, such as a crown or onlay.

In some teeth, especially those with only one coneshaped root, it may be possible to achieve the goal of crown lengthening by extruding the tooth orthodontically or surgically.
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