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Am I A Candidate for dental implants?

At ImplantWide, our goal is to help you protect your natural smile. If you come to us with teeth that need to be replaced, we will do our very best to help you achieve your goals! Dental implants are the best tooth replacement option that we have available. Many patients will become curious about dental implants and wonder if they are the correct tooth replacement option for them. The answer to this question is usually, “Yes!” but you do have to meet some basic requirements to be a candidate for dental implant placement.

What makes a good dental implant candidate?

When we are considering a patient for dental implant placement surgery our main goal is to ensure the long-term success of their dental implants. Dental implant placement is a permanent solution to tooth loss, and it should be seen as an investment in your oral health and quality of life. To ensure the health of our patients, we must ensure that our patient’s investment in this procedure is well-spent.

•  An ideal candidate for dental implant placement will have healthy gums. Your gums are a critical supporting structure for your teeth and dental implants. If the health of your gums is questionable, we will want to address this issue before considering placing dental implants.

•  Additionally, an ideal implant placement candidate will have enough healthy bone structure to support the implants in the jaw. These dental implants will be used to help you eat and speak as you would with your natural teeth. Because they must undergo the stresses of helping you to chew your food, it is critical that they are supported by plenty of healthy bone in your jaw.

•  Finally, dental implants require that you commit to taking excellent care of them for the years to come. Many people mistakenly believe that dental implants are not natural teeth so they must not need to be taken care of in the way that one takes care of natural teeth. Nothing could be further from the truth. Dental implants require daily brushing and flossing, along with regular visits to our office for cleaning and examination to ensure their continued success.

Risk Factors for implant candidates

There are a few things that will make it difficult or impossible for us to go through with the dental implant placement procedure:

•  Pregnancy.
•  Smokers and tobacco users are at a tremendous disadvantage because tobacco hinders the healing process in your mouth.
•  Those who are so young that their jaw has not finished growing and developing.
•  Those who have received high dose radiation therapy in the head or neck.
•  Those with chronic systematic issues like connective tissue diseases, hemophilia, and diabetes.
•  Alcohol and substance abusers who cannot and will not follow our post-operative instructions.
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