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Cone Beam Cat Scan (CBCT)

Cone beam computed tomography, or CBCT provides oral health professionals with unprecedented three dimensional information about the hard tissues of the head and neck—including the teeth, jaw bones, and sinuses.

These structures can be viewed in any orientation with extreme accuracy and precision. Three-dimensional views can be sectioned in any plane to provide exceptional clarity for pinpoint diagnosis and treatment planning.

Situations in which CBCT might be suggested

•  Removal of third molars (or wisdom teeth), when a two-dimensional x-ray like a panoramic film doesn’t provide a clear enough picture of potentially challenging areas such as nerves.

•  Treatment planning for dental implants – to accurately evaluate the sinuses, areas of thin bone, and nearby nerves and blood vessels.

•  To estimate whether a bone graft will be needed, and what size implant would be ideal. This type of planning can significantly improve the treatment result.

•  Occasionally, fractures in tooth roots, and extra root canals cannot be identified or observed with other methods.

Dentist talking with patient about Cone Beam Cat Scan at ImplantWide.Sometimes detection of disease processes or unusual anatomical structures is difficult, and CBCT can be of tremendous value. The amount of radiation exposure with CBCT is reduced as compared to a traditional CT scan, but is not trivial, so cone beam scans are typically used only when the risks of performing treatment without them are present.
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