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Dental Implants vs. Traditional Dentures

If you are missing a few teeth, our doctors at ImplantWide are here to help. We understand that rebuilding your smile can be frustrating. Although, you will have many solutions available to you, they generally fall under two categories; dentures and implants. It is important to weigh your options carefully. Every person has different needs and lifestyles, so there is no one-size-fits-all perfectly answer. You should also note that within the realm of dentures and implants there are many, many options. For right now, let’s just compare the basic differences between the two.


Every day new advancements are being made in dentures. You may be surprised how much they have changed in the last twenty years. However, many of the common complaints regarding dentures still ring true, just to lessening degrees.

The Pros

•  Dentures are typically more affordable than implants. Insurance companies are more likely to cover a larger portion, if not all of the cost.
•  You will not have to undergo surgery as you would with implants
•  If there is something wrong with your dentures they can be modified with relative ease.
•  The dentures of today look more natural than ever.

The Cons

•  Even though dentures today are more realistic than they used to be, the acrylic gum line does not match for your natural gums.
:Dentures tend to shift in your mouth, slipping and sliding around at the most inconvenient of times. Lower dentures can be especially problematic in this arena. Because of this overall movement and compromised stability, it can be harder to eat and speak.
•  To secure your dentures you will have to use adhesive paste and wafers–
•  which are notoriously unreliable.
•  Dentures eventually need to be replaced. An argument can be made that over time the cost of replacing or modifying your prosthetic is comparable to the cost of investing in implants.
•  Patients often complain about an irritation to the gums, which results in the development of sores.
•  Unlike implants, dentures do not help to preserve the jawbone, which can result in recession and facial collapse.


If you are considering dental implants, there is a wide variety of techniques, styles, and types to choose from. You can replace a single, missing tooth, multiple teeth or even a full arch. Often, implants function to fully replace what you have lost.

The Pros

•  Implants can last a lifetime. Patients have reported their implants lasting anywhere from ten to thirty years
•  If you are looking to create the illusion of natural teeth then this is the option for you.
•  Typically, implants do not need to be removed and function just like normal teeth.
•  There is no slipping or sliding with implants. They are stable and you will be able to eat and speak with ease.
•  After you have you have healed from surgery, your implants will not irritate your gums.
•  The care implants require is comparable to the care you would give natural teeth.
•  Because implants are rooted directly into your jaw, they preserve and support the bone, structurally mimicking teeth, and protecting you from bone deterioration, facial collapse, and jawbone recession.

The Cons

•  There is no way around the fact that implants upfront are more expensive than dentures. Insurance companies rarely fully or even partially cover the cost.
•  Adjustments and modifications to your implants can be hard to make, costly and sometimes invasive.
•  You will require surgery and sometimes multiple surgeries to install implants.

Making a Choice

While being able to research your choices online is wonderful, nothing can compare to sitting down with the experts at ImplantWide. Call today at (630) 394-9787 to start exploring your options.
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