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Osseointegration & Dental Implants
Schaumburg, IL

Diagram of a dental implant in a jaw after osseointegration has occurred by Chicago Periodontist at ImplantWide.Using your body's own natural ability to osseointegrate, we can rebuild teeth. Osseo is a medical term referencing your bone and integrate means to bond two items together. The process of osseointegration is to take a device and bond it to the bone, and it is done through surgical insertion and then the natural healing of your bone material. As the bone heals, it heals around the device fusing the two together. At ImplantWide, we can place a post into your jawbone as a replacement for a tooth root, providing a firm foundation for a dental prosthetic.

In dentistry, we can use a device known as a dental implant to support a tooth replacement prosthetic. This may include a dental crown, bridge, partial denture or full denture. Having your teeth restored using a combination of implants, and prosthetic is the closest restoration to having your natural teeth. This is because we are rebuilding the base, it is not reliant on neighboring teeth. Depending on the patient’s need, the patient may require one implant or multiple implants to support the needed prosthetic.

Once placed, a dental implant is considered a permanent structure. It becomes fused to the bone, and most patients will retain their implant for the remainder of their lives, although the lifespan of the device is considered to be around twenty years.

Science of Osseointegration

Repairing bone is something that is frequently seen in medicine. Patients have hips, knees, shoulders and more repaired with screws and plates. This process is available to us because of your natural ability to heal. Your bone is continuously growing, and we can manipulate it to create a structural connection as the bone grows around devices that are surgically placed for repair.

A dental implant resembles a screw in its shape and relative size, also varying in lengths and widths for the work being done. Just as a screw is designed to impact a large amount of surface area allowing for better retention, so is a dental implant. The threaded ridge line that wraps around the implant is designed to come into contact with the considerable bone material, allowing for a large surface area for the bone to grow around and create connections with. As the bone grows, it becomes bonded to the implant for a firm connection.

Long-Term Studies

Dental implants are not a new science. Studies began in the 1960’s as scientists questioned biocompatibility with the skeleton, the strength of the material being used and long-term results. Today, we use dental implants made of titanium and zirconium ceramic. Both materials are strong, lightweight and biocompatible. The surgical placement of dental implants has been found to be highly successful for patients who can heal timely and to often exceed the expected lifespan of the device. The overall success rate surpasses any other dental restoration.

We invite you to learn more about dental implants, from mini implants to immediate load dentures, single implants and more; there are so many options available to restore your missing teeth. Call ImplantWide at (630) 394-9787 to schedule your consultation today, and find out if dental implants are the right treatment for you.
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Osseointegration & Dental Implants | ImplantWide - Schaumburg, IL
At ImplantWide, we can place a post into your jawbone as a replacement for a tooth root, providing a firm foundation for a dental prosthetic. Click to learn more.
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