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Soft Tissue Recontouring

At ImplantWide, we are committed to caring for your teeth in a way that will ensure the best possible and longest-lasting results for the most value to you—our patient. We take great pride in our streamlined processes that allow us to complete complex procedures quickly, efficiently and with long lasting benefit to our patients. When a new piece of technology surfaces in the dental industry we take note. Once we are certain that a product or technology is proven and will provide value to our patients, we will adopt it into our practice. Laser soft tissue recontouring is just such a technology.

Laser Soft Tissue Recontouring Explained

Our dental laser is what is known as a soft tissue laser. This means it is a tool that we can use on issues with (most typically) the gums and to a lesser extent the other soft tissues in the mouth like the tongue, cheeks, and palette. We use the energy that the laser emits to vaporize and modify soft tissues within the mouth with a very high level of accuracy and detail.
It is a low wattage laser, which makes it ideal and extremely safe for use on soft tissues within the mouth. It only penetrates 200 microns which amount to phenomenal accuracy and precision, allowing us to do only what we plan to do at any given time.

Thanks to this wonderful tool, we can use fewer anesthetics and numbing agents on patients who may have an adverse reaction to those drugs. Further, the patient’s experience is greatly improved as discomfort and pain are rarely if ever an issue with this device. This device results in a significant decrease in postsurgical pain and very little bleeding both during the procedure and post-surgery.

How has laser dentistry affected patient care?

The advent of lasers in dentistry has allowed for us to provide extremely precise, high-quality results in much less time. Because laser tools use light to accomplish the same kinds of goals that we would otherwise need a metal tool for, it lends itself to all kinds of applications. We can easily use lasers near metal that is in the mouth. It’s safe to use on patients with pacemakers, and even near the bone.

Laser dental tool being held by doctor.Here is a small list of the procedures that we can use laser soft tissue recontouring for:
•  Hemostasis
•  Gingivectomy, gingivoplasty
•  Crown lengthening
•  Ulcer and lymphatic treatments
•  Implant exposure
•  Frenulectomies

Your Comfort Comes First

At ImplantWide, your comfort and your oral health come first. Our commitment to providing a relaxing, comfortable environment is unparalleled, which is why we have so many returning patients. Before we begin any procedure, we will always double check with you to ensure you are feeling confident and comfortable.

Please call us today at (630) 394-9787 to schedule an appointment. Remember, if you experience pain or discomfort in your teeth for more than a week, please call us and schedule an appointment. Such occurrences could be the signs of a serious condition. We look forward to seeing you smile!
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