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Oral Biopsy

Older woman reads about oral biopsy and oral cancer awareness.It is estimated that one person dies every hour from oral-oropharyngeal cancer. Experts predict that 49,750 Americans will be diagnosed this year, and of that population, roughly 57% who are diagnosed will be alive in five years. Survivability is low for oral cancer, not necessarily because it is more dangerous or insidious than other cancers, but because it often goes unidentified until it evolves into the later, deadlier stages.

Warning Signs and Indications a Biopsy is Needed

Oral cancer, while more prevalent among smokers and excessive drinkers, impacts individuals across a wide spectrum. Often suspicious lumps or bumps are not painful or highly noticeable in the early development of the disease. It is so important to invest in regular check-ups with one of our doctors at ImplantWide, and if necessary biopsy any suspicious lumps or bumps as soon as possible.

Even the most experienced of clinicians struggle to discern between abnormal and innocuous oral mucosa. Clinicians suspect malignancy when lesions:
•  Are red and/or white
•  Exhibit persistent and unexplained bleeding
•  Have suspicious pigmentation
•  Are ulcerated or indurated
•  Found to be attached to deeper tissue

Most of the above indicators usually require a clinical exam conducted by a professional. However, there are some warning signs that you as an individual can pay attention to, such as:
Woman checking her mouth for sores that could be oral cancer.
•  Sores on the face, mouth or neck
•  Soreness of the throat, face, mouth, jaw or ears
•  Change in voice
•  Numbness
•  Trouble moving the jaw or tongue
•  Struggling with speaking, chewing or swallowing
•  Ear pain
•  Weight loss
•  A shift in how your teeth or dentures fit together.

Types of Oral Biopsies

•  Excisional: This type of biopsy is only for small lumps or swellings and is designed to remove an area entirely. Excisional biopsies require a small incision with a blunt undermining of the mucosa.
•  Incisional: Incisional biopsies simply remove a small piece of the lesion, which is then sent to a lab for further analysis.

The Oral Biopsy Procedure

Elderly woman at her oral cancer screening appointment.Your biopsy will take approximately 15 to 30 minutes. You will be put on local anesthetic and remain awake for the procedure. After a sample has been collected, you will receive stitches that will dissolve over the next fourteen days. The biopsy should be relatively painless, but you will probably experience swelling and discomfort over the next couple of days.

Preparing for Your Oral Biopsy Appointment

•  Eat and drink as you normally would
•  Take medications as normal
•  Be sure not to miss a meal.

After Your Appointment

•  Take the prescribed painkillers such as Paracetamol or Ibuprofen
•  Eat and drink normally, but try not to consume anything that might be too hot
•  Avoid physical activity, unnecessary spitting or rinsing out of the mouth for at least 24 hours after the procedure
•  24 hours after the procedure use a suggested mouthwash such as Corsodyl to lessen the risk of infection.

Results and a diagnosis take about two weeks.

Help spread cancer awareness

Oncologists have discovered that the key to fighting cancer is the early diagnosis. Mammograms, pap smears, and prostate exams have saved millions of lives. Oral exams and biopsies also save lives, but too often a lack of awareness leads to a late stage diagnosis and a higher fatality rate.

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