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Frenectomy Schaumburg, IL

Frenectomy surgery performed at ImplantWide.At ImplantWide, our strongest commitment is to our patients' continued oral health. You may have heard the phrase, "tongue tied" used to describe someone who is having a hard time finding the correct word.

Few people realize that a tongue tie is a real medical condition where excess connective tissue can prevent the patient's tongue from being able to achieve a normal range of motion. This tissue is called frenula. A related condition involves too much frenula between the gum line and inner lip, which can interfere with dental aesthetics and alignment of the teeth. For patients with these conditions, we can perform a surgery called a frenectomy.

What is a Perio-Frenectomy?

When a frenulum is too tight, it can be corrected using a treatment called a frenectomy. In the case of a tongue tie, the frenulum under the tongue is cut, releasing the tongue and allowing for proper movement. A perio-frenectomy is a frenectomy performed to release a lip tie, allowing for proper movement of the upper lip. Just like with a frenectomy for correcting a tongue tie, the frenulum connecting the upper lip and the gums are cut. The procedure may also involve removing excess tissue.

When is a Perio-Frenectomy Needed?

Daughter with elderly mother after her frenectomy dental appointment.A perio-frenectomy is necessary when the frenulum connecting the upper lip to the gums is too tight or too thick. Not only can this restrict the movement of the upper lip, but it can also lead to a gap between the two front teeth, which can significantly impact the quality of your smile. The procedure may also be necessary before undergoing orthodontic treatment to close the gap between the two front teeth.

Frenectomies, including perio-frenectomies, are also often performed on infants. When an infant has a tongue or lip tie, it can affect their ability to properly latch and feed. These ties can also affect the growth and development of the mouth and the development of proper speech. A frenectomy can help improve latch, which can then alleviate breastfeeding pain for the mother, and ensure proper oral and speech development.

How is a Perio-Frenectomy Performed?

A perio-frenectomy has traditionally been performed using a scalpel. While effective, this sharp tool can cause bleeding as well as pain and swelling following treatment. Today, the procedure is done using a laser. A laser tool uses a concentrated beam of light to cut tissue and cauterize it at the same time, limiting bleeding. The pinpoint accuracy of the laser also helps to reduce tissue trauma, reducing post-procedural pain and swelling. It also reduces the risks of infections and other postsurgical issues while reducing the recovery time.

Benefits of a Perio-Frenectomy

A perio-frenectomy provides several benefits. These benefits include
•  Improving latch for nursing infants. This alleviates pain for the mother and can significantly improve the breastfeeding relationship.
•  Enabling effective orthodontic treatment. By releasing a lip tie and removing excess tissue, the gap between the two front teeth can be closed with orthodontic treatment and will stay closed.
•  Improving the quality of your smile. Following a perio-frenectomy and orthodontic treatment, your smile is improved.
•  Improving your oral health.

At ImplantWide, we are committed to your ongoing oral health. Your comfort and safety is our top priority, so if you or your children have special concerns about visiting dental practices, please let us know in advance. We are more than happy to provide you and your family with an introduction to our facility and staff. We also have a wide variety of sedation options available.

If a short or thick frenulum between your upper lip and gums is affecting the quality of your smile, a perio-frenectomy can help. Call ImplantWide at (630) 394-9787 today to schedule your appointment.
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